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Becoming a better golfer is a process: 

Private coaching begins with an evaluation designed to highlight your strengths, weaknesses and natural tendencies. From there, we develop a plan to move you in the direction of your goals and turn weaknesses into strengths. The best technologies available are used to determine precisely what you currently do and how it can be improved.

Sean's competitive juniors take up most of his time. He allocates the following time to work with his other students (weekdays between 1:00-3:00). If you are interested in lessons with Sean and are available during those hours, please fill out and answer the questions about your game by clicking the link below. 

Single Coaching Session Rate: $150 per session 

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                                  Testing and skill development  

                                        • Ball striking  

                                        • Driving                                                  

                                        • Short game                                                                                         

                                        • Wedge play (30-100 yards)       

                                        • Mental strategies

                                        • On course playing lessons                          

                                        • Learn how to practice


 Howard Glassman TaylorMade 3D Lab at Glen AbbeyHoward Glassman and Sean Casey in the TaylorMade 3D Lab at Glen Abbey

The TaylorMade 3D Performance Lab at Glen Abbey is used to determine your current swing tendencies and body movements. The 3D Lab at Glen Abbey is one of a kind and offers you the opportunity to compare your swing to PGA Tour players or compare your current swing to your old swing.




 TrackMan technology will be used during your coaching sessions, the world's leading ball flight and swing analysis tool. Information provided by Trackman has revolutionized golf instruction, providing both club and ball data to help coach and student better understand what is happening through impact and help develop a clear pathway for improvement.





Video analysis at Glen Abbey Golf Academy

V1 video software is used to analyze swing motion and body movements. Video taken during your session can emailed with feedback to help you practice better. The V1 now integrates with the BodiTrak Pressure Mat allowing us to see how you interact with the ground and shift your pressure from one foot to the other during the swing motion.


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Ensure you play your best golf next season by taking advantage of the winter months to improve your game at our indoor academy, with its 18 separate hitting stations and a 24x12 foot putting green.

Sean’s students begin the winter improvement process with a swing analysis and discussion about your game and tendencies. Then a game plan is designed to enhance the student’s swing motion, ball striking and overall game. Sean utilizes advanced technologies that provide useful feedback including TrackMan, the world’s leading club and ball flight analysis technology as well as Video Analysis. Feedback is sent to students following each session to summarize and provide reminders for drills, what and how to practice.



Winter Coaching at The Glen Abbey Indoor Golf Academy

Opens: December 1st

ClosesMarch 25th

Hours of operation



  Noon      -    7 p.m.


  9 a.m.     -   7 p.m.


  9 a.m.     -   9 p.m.


  9 a.m.     -   7 p.m.


  9 a.m.     -   7 p.m.


  8 a.m.     -   1:45 p.m.


  9 a.m.     -   1:45 p.m.










Private Coaching / 3D Analysis  /  Winter Practice Membership   $1300 + HST                       

  • 10 Private Coaching Sessions, 30 to 45 minutes (lessons to be used by March 30th)
  • Trackman, V1 and Boditrak video feedback provided after coaching sessions via email
  • Winter golf membership at Glen Abbey (one hour of practice per day)
  • All lessons to be redeemed by end of March
  • Access to our HD Golf Simulator (play PebbleBeach, Torrey Pines, Doral and more)
  • Physical assessment available at Dynamic Health and Performance with Dr. Jeff Smeaton to better understand and improve your body movement 



Interested in lessons with Sean, click here

Searching for the perfect tournament gift?

Utilizing TrackMan technology, Sean will analyze the golf swings of each player in your tournament and provide video and audio feedback sent through email following the event. This is a great way to help your guests improve their game and thank them for attending and supporting your event. Your logo will be seen on the video and a sponsor commercial can be played at the beginning. 

Cost per player: $25.99












Custom club fitting has become increasingly popular for golfers at all levels of play. Make the most of your investment by ensuring that your clubs are tailored to suit your needs. 

The MATT (Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade) system is a revolutionary advancement in golf analysis and club-fitting. Developed jointly by TaylorMade Adidas Golf Company and Motion Reality Incorporated (MRI), the MATT system provides a unique experience for the player in the analysis of the golf swing and assessment of the equipment needs of the player.

It is used to provide a 3D analysis of your golf swing using nine high-speed cameras to track the position of multiple reflective markers attached to the golf club and player. In addition, numerous tools are used to extract and present many precise measurements of the golf swing. This includes club impact data, swing planes, body lines, center of gravity, posture lines, shaft line, the ability to step into a tour pro's swing and many more. Also, measurements of ball speed, launch angle and spin of ball are recorded.

All of this information combined with swing measures and results from a questionnaire create a detailed player profile. This profile is used to recommend Taylor Made golf equipment best suited to that player.