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Kari Gambarotto, B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics - Nutritionist

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Kari is a graduate of Western University where she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science degree and specialized in Nutrition and Dietetics.


Kari is a nutritionist who has been trained to offer the Metabolic Care Program. The Metabolic Care Program is a medically approved nutrition program that provides nutrition solutions for weight loss, weight gain, sport performance, digestive issues and disease management. Whether your goal is to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, you will learn WHAT, HOW, WHEN and WHY to eat.

Kari works individually with patients to develop safe, simple and successful nutrition programs.

Growing up as a competitive dancer Kari has always been engaged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Kari remains committed to maintaining her healthy lifestyle through completing her 200h Yoga Teacher Training certificate in 2014. She believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only includes physical activity but proper nutrition.



If you would like to contact Kari, please feel free to email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



WHY Should YOU Focus on Your Nutrition?

Proper nutrition will improve your sport performance by 30% through:

  • Training harder and smarter: better conditioning will improve game performance
  • Increased Mental Alertness: less fatigue, better reaction time, overall clarity and focus
  • Improved immunity: improve overall energy as well reduce your risk of getting sick in season
  • Reduce inflammation and injury: improving tendon and muscle health will reduce chance of injury and improve pain management
  • Improved Endurance: more oxygen to the blood as well as better glycogen uptake will reduce lactic acid build up.
  • Improved blood sugar: most athletes feel like they have hit a wall, when the reality is a blood sugar crash.
  • Improved muscle recovery: reduce soreness, and assist with muscle growth
  • Reduce typical malnutrition signs: fatigue due to low iron, headaches and cramps due to dehydration, growing pains amongst other issues.

You do the SPORT, we provide the FUEL

Program Highlights:

       6-week customized nutrition program

       Programs are designed to improve overall sport performance for all ages and sport levels (recreational – professional athletes)

       Meal plans will be designed for both on and off season.

       Meal plans will include plans for hydration, sport recovery, blood sugar stabilization, immune support, inflammation and injury support.

       Diet plans will educate the athlete how to eat in specific situations: tournaments, game day, practice days, extra exercise times, and general meal planning.


Sport Performance Programs:

1       Fuel up: For Athletes

1       Individual consulting with our nutrition team

2       Suitable for athletes that have specific goals: weight gain, weight loss, elite performance, dietary concerns

3       Athletes will learn specific to them, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and HOW MUCH to eat in all game and training situations.

4       Custom meal plans will be provided

2       Fuel up: for Teams

1       Team building event

2       Athletes and parents learn WHAT, WHEN, HOW MUCH and WHERE to eat for: pre game, post game, tournaments, and training days.

3       Includes 2 individual body composition assessments, and 4 team (parents are welcome) nutrition sessions.